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So the WRock scene has been seeing a little drama over the past couple of days. Luckily, it looks like it may(?) be cooling off, so it is a perfect time to chime in with my thoughts and throw a few logs on a dyeing fire.

For those not playing along at home, here’s the deal. Back on Wednesday MTV posts a year end list of the Top 10 Wizard Rock Bands. The lists generates the usual round of drama and what not. Honestly, if you’re a music geek you know the routine and can probably recite most of these messages by heart with out even thinking about it. For completeness sake, round ups can be found here (see comments) and here. So pull out your bingo cards and see how many squares you can fill in.

Of course the whole thing has the added dimension of WRock being a young idealistic scene who are experiencing this little holiday tradition for the first time. Given this, it is forgivable that they may take it all with a little to much seriousness. For those who are taking this list a little to seriously and for those who are now beating themselves up over the fact that they did take the list to seriously, some words of advice.

For those who are still taking the list seriously.

These lists are not monuments of journalistic integrity. They are in fact fluff pieces intended to pad out end of year extravaganzas/drive up circulation or page views by generating “controversy”/justify a complete unwillingness to work after Thanksgiving. They are nothing more then expressions of personal taste and opinion. And they are only that if the writer(s) can clear their hangover from the latest holiday party long enough to think for 10 minutes. Otherwise, they’re just scribblings, which the writer(s) may or may not disown upon re-obtaining sobriety.

And for those who feel bad for taking the list seriously.

The only people who actually care about these lists are geeks. Normal people glance at these lists and go “hmm.” Occasionally they may remark to a friend standing near by about how they disagree or agree with a certain choice. Even less frequently, they may allow such a list to influence their buying decisions for themselves. Much more frequently, they will allow the list to influence their buying decisions for people who they have no idea what to get for the holidays. (you didn’t think the timing of these things was a coincidence did you?) The people who study these lists? The people who argue over these lists? The people who become emotionally involved in how their most favorite band in the whole entire world only rated a number 3 on the list? Yeah, those are geeks. So, if you read the Top 10 list and thought to yourself, why didn’t they mention Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls or the Mudbloods or some other WRock band, then you are in fact a geek. In fact, if you had any reaction above, “meh”. Then chances are you are also a big fat geek. It is OK, geeks are cool. And these lists are designed to trigger such responses in us. So, don’t sweat it and don’t beat yourself up. And forgive your friend who was dumb enough to think that Catchlove was rated to high or that the Malfoys were robbed by being rated lower then the Lupins. Its Christmas after all.

Honestly? I’m kind of happy over this thing. I’ve always kind of wondered in the back of my head about how the WRock scene fit into the over all geek scene. I mean they show so many traits, it seemed a no brainer, but I was still a little unsure. So, seeing the scene react the way they did, I had to crack a smile.

You are indeed one of us. And that makes my heart grow five sizes bigger.

Written by Matt

December 8th, 2007 at 1:43 pm

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