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So I’m not sure what is up exactly, but I’ve been poking around the Wizard Rock world lately and I’m finding even more to love about this scene. I’m not sure if I’m just in a better mind set to appreciate it all or the quality of the recordings/work has increased by such a degree that its easier for me to grasp the talent that is in this scene. Probably more of the former then the latter.

Anyways, yesterday Roonil Wazlib posted a new blog post which included a wrap up of the shows she’s done this summer and included links to a bunch of videos. I’ll get to the videos in a minute, but first a little about Roonil herself. Who I will now be referring to by her real name of Molly, because Roonil Wazlib is to much of a pain to spell. And hey, Molly was the name of a really fun God Street Wine tune that I used to love live.

The first thing to hit me about Molly when I came across her again recently is her amazing voice. Clear, crisp, with a hint of soul and a bucket load of beauty. I’m usually not much of a lyrical person. For one, I’m just not that much of a poet, but there’s also the fact that a preference for listening to music that sounds better loud, has screwed with my hearing. In most cases I have trouble making out lyrics when I listen to a song, unless I really concentrate. And honestly, I usually don’t see a real need to strain myself. For Molly though, there is no strain at all. Her delivery is strong and her voice is so beautiful that I can’t help but focus on it.

Which brings me to the second thing that grabbed me about her. Her song writing over all is really strong, with a couple moments here and there that I just love. The first track I heard from her was Molly Wobbles, which is possibly the most tender love song I’ve heard in the WRock scene. It isn’t just a beautiful song, but put a spot light on the relationship of the Weasley parents. A relationship that I had kind of taken for granted, but really is a great relationship in the series. So not only did she write a beautiful song, but wrote one that gave me a slightly different perspective on the story over all. Highlighting some of the smaller elements of the story and bringing them into the forefront.

While the song writing is strong over all, as I was watching the videos there were a couple of songs where the word choices and phrasing just really grabbed me. In particular the playfulness in the lyrics of some of the songs and how they rolled off her tongue just tickled me.

Unlike the Moaning Myrtles and Ginny and the Heartbreakers, it looks like we may not have to wait quite so long to see where Molly goes outside the WRock world. We already have myspace pages set up for her Muggle Rock band, The Pizookies (who have their own web site here), and for her own solo work, under the name Let’s Potato. I’m not sure how many of the tracks on her solo site are hers, beyond It’s A Big World. That track alone though leaves me optimistic about the future of this talent.

In a couple of weeks Molly leaves the confines of sunny California for the cold of Boston to attend college. Hopefully, the shift in locale will increase the odds of her slipping down I-95 and doing a show in either DC or Baltimore. Whether it is her as Roonil Wazlib or just Molly, I’ll definitely do what I can to make it.

And now the list of videos. Bookworm is probably the best example of the word play that I was talking about before and features a great melody. And, dude, she whistles! How can you not love a song with whistling? Bookworm is quickly followed by Dragons Make Very Nice Pets and Poor Eloise for word play. All of the originals are recommended though. She’s not quite snotty enough to pull off the Draco and the Malfoys song My Dad Is Rich, but its still a good rendition.

Oh and if Molly reads this, you’re right. Your new Ibanez does sound great.

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August 7th, 2007 at 7:56 pm

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