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So I’m trying to clean out my bloglines account of all the various posts that I’ve saved for later. I did an initial hack and slash earlier today and got rid of most of it, but I saved a couple of posts that I really wanted to mention, so here they are,

First up, we have two articles from, one I’ve read, the other I look forward to reading.

Grace Potter’s Nocturnal Existence – This is the article I’ve read. A nice long form (3 pages) interview with Grace Potter and Scott Tournet of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Their new album, their first for Hollywood Records, comes out next week and the two discuss the pressures of signing with a major label while still trying to keep a sense of authenticity in their music. They also talk about handling the buzz that’s been building around the band and the tendency of the media to single Grace out, instead of approaching the group as a band.

Boredoms | 07.07.07 | Brooklyn – This is the article I haven’t read. A review of the show that the Boredoms did in a park in Brooklyn back on 7/7/07. The performance featured 77 drummers. If you’re not familiar with the Boredoms, there is little I can say to properly convey just how off the chart these folks have been. Some have referred to them as Japan’s answer to Sonic Youth, but honestly? They make Sonic Youth, even at their wildest, look down right pedestrian.

Next up, we dip back into the world of Wizard Rock with two videos from the Moaning Myrtles. In my last post I gushed about the obvious talent of Ginny and the Heartbreakers. Lauren and Nina are another WRock group that brings with them buckets of obvious talent. Their backgrounds in musical theater come through in both the arrangements they use for their songs and the power of their voices. When I first heard the band, I’ll admit, I was a little less then impressed. Their early tracks weren’t properly recorded and mixed, leading to the vocals and piano stepping all over each other. Subsequent listens though began to give up the pure talent of this duo. The performances in these videos are much better representations of what these girls are capable of. Another group to keep an eye on both in the WRock community and what they do outside of it.

Finally, a couple of links revolving around a woman who has popped up in my readings quite a bit lately. Barbara Ehrenreich is the author of Dancing In The Streets, among a number of other books. You can find a fairly nice review of the book at The reason that I am mentioning her again though is because of an editorial she wrote for the International Herald Tribune back in June, which you can find here. The editorial concerns a law on the books in New York City which forbids dancing in bars/clubs that do not have a cabaret license. The law is an old one that was largely ignored until former Mayor (and current Republican presidential candidate) Rudy Giuliani began using the law to limit what New Yorkers could do when they go out. To quote the editorial, did you know there are currently only 170 places in NYC where it is legal to get up and dance? Dance anywhere else in the city, and you’re breaking the law. I always thought Footloose was set in the mid-west.

The editorial itself is largely a retread of what is talked about in the book, but it is still an interesting piece to read, especially if you are unfamiliar with the book, which I can not recommend highly enough.

Finally, a video which seems to validate Barbara’s points, George Clinton taking over the crowd of Late Night with David Letterman. Yeah they look goofy, but when was the last time you had that much uninhibited fun in the span of less then four minutes?

I do wonder though if their studio (were they in the Ed Sullivan Theater by then?) had the proper licenses for that kind of dancing though?

Written by Matt

August 2nd, 2007 at 8:53 pm