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So I’ve been bouncing between a couple of releases over the last week or so. One of those “releases” (actually its 8 releases) is the Twilight 14 project from The Baskervilles (myspace).

I’m not up on the full scope of what is happening here, but the general gist is that on the first of every month the band releases a new digital single, with individual sleeve art. The tracks are free to download and will remain online until the band releases their new album in early ’08. I’m not sure if the 14 tracks will be the new album, part of the new album, or completely unrelated to the new album. No matter what the case is, I definitely recommend picking up these tracks while you’ve got the chance.

The songs have a quality to them, which I’m having trouble putting my finger on, that reminds me of 80s British post-punk. They’re definitely indiepop though.

BTW, the band will be taking part in the up coming NYC Pop Fest, the official line of which I’m sure will be released any day now.

*taps foot*

Any day now…

Until then, the “top friends” on the pop fest’s myspace page are the bands that are playing. We just don’t know then when and where’s.

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April 11th, 2007 at 9:24 pm

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