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So, the reason I’ve been quiet the last couple of days is because I’m sick. I’m still not 100% and I’m giving some serious thought to just calling in sick tomorrow, but I wanted to drop a note about what I’ve been listening to today.

While doing a little clean up today I came across three CDs which I had ordered months ago, but have, until now, gone unlistened to. One of those disks is the new (or newish now) Boyracer album, Flickering B+W.

Boyracer is the project of Stewart Anderson and more recently Jen Turrell. Originally formed in England and even recording a couple of 7 inches for the legendary British indiepop label Sarah Records, the band currently hails from AZ where Stewart and Jen raise cattle (that’s the rock star life for you) and release an astounding amount of music. The joke is that Stewart can’t go 6 months with out releasing something.

While releasing a constant stream of new music has a tendency of resulting in a lot of mediocre releases with a couple of gems now and then, Boyracer have honed their craft to the point where they appear to toss off great pop songs as after thoughts. This is of course helped by the fact that the band doesn’t appear to over think the process. Boyracer songs tend to be around 2 minutes in length. And while most people may tend to think about carefully crafted arrangements or tight hooks when they think about great pop songs, Boyracer goes in the opposite direction, combining noisy jangely guitar, usually with at least a touch of feedback and sometimes a lot more then a touch, with tight bouncing bass lines and fill happy, but solid, drumming.

Flickering B+W has a number of songs that stick to the formula that the band does so well, as well as a number of songs that tone down the noise just enough to remind us that at the heart of the group are folks who know how to write a damn fine pop tune. For the uninitiated, I’d still recommend picking up the band’s previous album A Punch Up The Bracket, but Flickering is definitely not an album to skip over.

You can check out some of the band’s songs at their myspace page. (The Man and The Myth is from A Punch Up The Bracket and Wingtips is a great song from Flickering B+W) And you can order their albums from their label 555 Records. While your placing your order at 555, I recommend giving some thought to picking up the new Possum Moods (featuring Jen Turrell) album and the new Hulaboy (featuring Stewart) album. (you can check out Hulaboy here)

And now, cause it seems to be my calling card, here’s an old Boyracer video for the song Small Consolation.

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March 18th, 2007 at 7:47 pm

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