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OK, a few quick notes that I need to take care of real quick.

First, Lauren, from the Moaning Myrtles has posted the audio of the Remus Lupins track Snape, which she did with Alex. You can see the video for this song here and can get the audio at their supplemental page. And yes, it is downloadable, so yeah!

Seriously, go grab this song. Much as I dig Alex (and his album seems to get better and better the more I listen to it, but more on that later) his songs sound better coming out of Lauren’s mouth. Which isn’t really a slam on Alex, as much as a compliment to Lauren’s gorgeous voice.

Second, Matt from the Whoping WIllows has announced that his first album is almost sold out. With his new album coming out soon, he’s going to let the first album remain out of print once its gone. He’s even offering a special deal for folks who haven’t picked up the new album yet. For a measly $11, you not only get his first album, but you can also pre-order his next album. You can find more info (and paypal links) here (oh and check out Matt’s new song, Draco and Harry, on the main page. Suddenly everything makes so much sense.)

I’m actually torn over this news. On one hand I’m thinking, ‘crap, if I’d waited to order the album, I could take advantage of this deal.’ On the other hand I’m thinking, ‘crap, I wish I had the bandwidth to properly review his first album so people would be encouraged to go and buy it, because it is so cool.’

I thinking I’m leaning more towards the latter. I never feel bad about showering money on good musicians. And I do feel bad that life is just to crazy right now for me to review the album. Hell, my little surprise for those readers who are still wondering about the whole Wrock thing is now over a week late! I’d say I was sorry about that, but it isn’t my fault. It is those damn Slytherin girls who screwed everything up. More on that later. May be this weekend. Hopefully.

Finally, the fine folks over at are running a little contest. The challenge is to create some sort of art work (any medium will do) that answers the question

What would happen if your favorite wizard rock band met their namesake?

More info can be found here.

OK, that’s it. Now let’s see if we can get off a proper post before the night is up. To many things to write about.

Oh wait a minute, one last thing. OK, two last things. Alright three last things, all videos

First, That Annoying Kid

Second, Lauren from MM doing another Remus Lupins song, kind of.

The description for this video reads,

So this is my response to ifancythetrio’s question: What impact has Potter made on YOUR life? Since I don’t directly answer this in the video, here it is. Because of Harry Potter, I’ve found the courage to embarrass myself on the internet. I started a wizard rock band called The Moaning Myrtles, and I’m a fan of a whole lot of wizard rock bands. No Harry Potter? No wizard rock. Enjoy the video and please excuse my awful fake guitar playing.

Finally, from Kristina of the Parselmouths.

BTW, I think it is now safe to say that I’ve developed a small crush on both of them.

OK, that’s it. For real this time.

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March 13th, 2007 at 8:13 pm

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