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Freakshow weekly wrap up

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Let’s keep the experimentation going. The idea here is to do a weekly wrap up of the videos that were posted the previous week with or with out notes.

  • 12/23 – The Crane Wives, “Counting Sheep”
    I actually found these guys randomly through that “who to follow” thing that sits on the side of your Twitter page. I saw the name and icon, figured they were a band, and decided to check them out on a lark. Within two or three songs on Spotify I was hooked and I’ve been in love with these guys since. I’m hoping they get booked for Floydfest this year, otherwise I’m going to have to drive to Michigan before year’s end to see them.
  • 12/23 – The Ragbirds, “The Bully”
    Another Michigan band. I’ve been getting emails from these guys for years because they belong to the Homegrown Music Network and I’m on the mailing list. I remember checking them out several years ago and feeling kind of ‘meh’ about them. Then around late summer I decided to give them another shot and they clicked for me.
  • 12/24 Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers – Little Too Late
    A name I’ve been seeing for a year or so through various media. It’s only been in the last couple of months that I decided to start paying attention. I’m digging what I’m hearing so far. It’s interesting though, hearing the different geographical variations on a similar sound. Southern CA has a bit more laid back vibe to it, then the south. There’s a cowboy movie quality to it all.
  • 12/25 Austin Lucas – “Somebody Loves You”
    Austin was another artist who’s name kept popping up for awhile before I finally sat down and checked him out. This song is a good introduction to his lyrical abilities. His word choices are something that I find absolutely fascinating. And the fact that they end up being wrapped around such beautiful songs is why I love this guy so much. Add in the premise of this video, Austin sitting in the back of a car while they drive to a gig in LA, and this just had to be the choice for the video. This won’t be the last we’ll hear from Austin.
  • 12/26 He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – Let it Live Free
    A recent discovery and one I’m still a little on the fence about, though they’re starting to win me. They name check Edwin Sharpe in their bio though and I’ve just never really gotten into his stuff, so I almost passed on these guys, but then I gave them a listen on Spotify and kind of dug what they’re doing. They throw in a rockabilly curve to the standard So-Cal sound from before that makes it kind of interesting, so we’ll see what happens with them.
  • 12/26 He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – The Same Old Ground
    Honestly, this got added because I needed to test a IFTTT recipe. Still, it’s a fun performance. BTW, did you notice that the drummer is tap dancing on a bass drum? I missed it the first time. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion I’m either going to end up loving this group beyond words, or will quickly loose complete interest in them. I don’t think there’s going to be a middle ground here. And truth be told, I like that.
  • 12/27 John Moreland – “Nobody Gives A Damn About Songs Anymore”
    I found Moreland through After listening to them rave about the man’s song writing abilities I felt like I had to check them out. There isn’t anything on his latest album that wows me, but I keep hearing phrases in his songs that grab me and I keep finding myself leaning in a little closer to the speaker to see if there aren’t more nuggets to be found. I’m not much of a lyric person, so I’m sure I’m not getting all of this man’s greatness, but he makes me wish I was.
  • 12/28 Shook Twins – “What We Do”
    I was looking through YouTube for videos and randomly came across this one. I kind of like it, so I went ahead and added it. I’m a sucker for female harmonies and creative vocals. I still need to check them out though, so we’ll see if they end up in rotation or not.
  • 12/29 Kermit Ruffins – “If You’re A Viper”
    Last night was the season finale of the HBO series Treme about life in post-Katrina New Orleans. If you love music, then you need to go back and check this show out. The music here isn’t a spice, it’s a character. And it has a lot of depth and versatility. The first season focuses on the stereotypical N’awlins R&B and trad Jazz sound, but later seasons push past the first impressions and plunge deeper into that subconscious. Touching on bounce, cajun, zydeco, modern jazz, blues, rock, metal, funk, americana, the whole gambit really. The tourist view of New Orleans is a narrow spectrum, but a city as cultured as New Orleans doesn’t turn it’s back on anything. It takes delight in brazen cultural appropriation, and then insists that you stole from it after the fact.
    If you have seen the show; there is no other artist that could have been played.

And now, reading back through that little missive on New Orleans and the show Treme; I realize it’s almost poetic that the first week ends here.

At this point, I’ve got over a month of videos lined up for you to check out, and it’s only near the end of that buffer that we see our first repeat (I’m not including HMB/SMS, I specifically chose another track by them when I needed to test the changes). You’re probably already starting to notice the common thread through all of this, but as the videos roll out we’ll push the edges a bit more.

As I mentioned, there’s a lot of geographical variations on this thread. The cowboy movie sheen of the So-Cal take. The bluesy mountain soul of the southern take (with variations for different regions, which we’ll expand on). Michigan seems to have a cleaner, folkier take on it; though I need to dig deeper there. And I haven’t even gotten into New England, the PNW, Texas, the southwest, etc. etc. etc.

New Orleans is one of the touch stones for this thread though. And while I didn’t consciously decide to launch this project at the end of Treme, I can’t say it’s a complete coincidence.

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