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Mix: Dancers Wanted

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The cover image is from Flickr user chicagogeek. The original can be found here.

    99 Shades of Grey – JJ Grey and MofroThis River
    Heavy Chevy – Alabama ShakesBoys and Girls
    Hey Na Na (feat. David Shaw of the Revivalists and Maggie Koerner) – GalacticCarnivale Electricos
    Maybe – The Bomb Squad – Bomb Squad II
    Want More – JC Brooks and the Uptown SoundWant More
    Going in the Right Direction – Robert Randolph & The Family BandUnclassified
    Hambone – Black Diamond HeaviesAlive As Fuck
    Revolution – Dr. JohnLocked Down
    King Cotton Blues – 7 Walkers7 Walkers

As I mentioned in my last post, one of the new things I’m trying out is using to put together short mixes that I can share with folks. Above is the first of these mixes, called Dancers Wanted. The name is an old sticker idea I had back in to 90’s that was a riff on the VW ad campaign “Drivers Wanted”.

The idea for the mix came to me while I was listening to JJ Grey’s great new album This River. The album perfectly mixes’s Grey’s Southern Rock and Soul influences and I wanted to put together a mix that played with the common threads of those two genres. So I picked 99 Shades of Grey as my starting point and decided to see where we went.

From Grey’s native Florida we head up the road to Alabama and recent rising stars Alabama Shakes. This is the bonus track of their major label debut. The blues here is more pronounced on this track then the rest of their stuff, but it felt like the right direction to go.

Our next stop is New Orleans and the funk outfit Galactic. This is off their latest album Carnivale Electricos. I got a chance to see these guys last summer at Floydfest with Corey Glover and they tore the place up. If you get the chance I highly suggest checking them out.

And now we head north to NYC and back in time about 10 years or so to check out a release off The Bomb Squad’s second album. BTW, this would be the NYC funk outfit fronted by Jen Durkin, not the legendary hip hop producers.

Chicago is the next stop to check out JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound. This is off their last album, Want More, but their new album, Howl, comes out on the 21st. Needless to say, I’m highly looking forward to checking that out.

And we head right back east to NJ this time to check out Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Robert is a pedal steel guitar player in what’s known as the Sacred Steel tradition. The mix of gospel with upbeat funk is just damn infectious.

Next up we move down to Covington, KY and a live track from the Punk Blues organ/drum duo Black Diamond Heavies. The band is from Nashville, but the show was in KY.

Finally we bring it all to a close by heading back to New Orleans with our last two tracks (all music leads back to New Orleans). First up is a Dr. John track from his album Locked Down released last year that harkens back to some of his earliest “Nite Tripper” tracks thanks to the production work of Dan Auerbach (Black Keys).

And then finally we’ve got 7 Walkers (featuring Papa Mali and former Grateful Dead drummer Billy Kruetsman) to take things out on a chill vibe. And yeah, that’s Willie Nelson guesting on the track.

I hope you enjoyed the mix. If you did, I’d love it if you left a note. If you have any ideas for future mixes (genres, songs, whatever) feel free to leave those and I’ll see what I can do.

It looks like the next mix, which may go up next week, will be a bit of a nostalgia trip for me and a bit of a history lesson for you.

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May 20th, 2013 at 1:00 pm

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