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Sorry again for dropping out like that, the second half of this summer has kind of kicked my ass.

First up was Nerdapalooza. To say this fest was amazing feels like a horrible understatement. A revelation? Yeah, that sounds about right. If you are interested at all in geeky/nerdy music, consider it a moral imperative to hit this fest. The longer you wait, the harder you’ll kick yourself that you waited so long. I’m already jonesing hard for next year.

Right about the time that I was finally clearing my head from NP, it was time to start getting my shit together for Floydfest. Floydfest is a modern representation of a scene that I was fully immersed in at the end of the 90s. I wondered off for a number of years, but I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to get back into this scene for the last year or two. Floydfest wasn’t my ticket back, but it was a welcome reminder of why I loved this scene so deeply. A beautiful reminder of how much raw magic can exist in music that comes from the heart. I wasn’t in the best place when this fest started, but after the first set, I felt like I was home.

Unfortunately, after getting rained on several times during the fest, I came home with a cold. By the time I kicked that, MD was in the middle of August, my arch nemesis. August and I do not get a long during the best of times. For those who’ve never experienced a mid atlantic August before, it is oppressively hot and muggy, full of days where breathing unfiltered air is literally hazardous to your health. This summer luckily has been pretty mild, but I’ve still been fighting a horrible mood for most of the month. Its that time of year when I’m just not happy with much of anything.

I came home from NP with a renewed sense of urgency to listen to geeky/nerdy music. I heard so much great shit that weekend that I wanted to just soak it all up and get caught up on all the crap I’ve missed. Floydfest kind of derailed me when I came home with over a dozen CDs (one of the best things about volunteering at the merch tent? Getting comped CDs when the bands do well). I’m trying to get back in the groove though, and here are a couple of the things that I’ve been picking through. A lot of this stuff is old news to folks who are up to speed, but I need to get back into writing so I’ll start here.

First up, while there was a ton of great sets at NP, one of the ones that just came out of left field and grabbed me was the Scrub Club showcase. Its kind of odd, because it wasn’t one of the sets that grabbed me right then and there, but it was one of the sets that I’ve found myself thinking about the most since. So, when I finally got back on track, they were one of the first places I hit. I’m still making my way through their catalog (all of which is free by the way), but there’s some pretty good shit here. Considering the cost, I recommend checking them out. Especially check out Doc Awkward’s Next Gen EP which is just insanely good. Awk was probably the biggest breakout star of NP, and this EP shows exactly why.

Speaking of Scrub Club, they’re running a beauty pageant style competition right now to find the next Scrub Club member. The first challenge involved each artist writing a brand new track that show cased who they were and what they’re about. The tracks can be found here. Each artist has their own thread and there’s some damn good talent there. Also of interest to new MCs, each track is critiqued by the judges. I’m not an MC myself, but I imagine those threads could be a treasure trove of good advice. I need to give the tracks a few more listens before I officially pick my favorite (not to mention check out other tracks from them), but at the moment I’m going to go with MC Diabeats, since she’s local. I do feel compelled to say that 3rr0r got fucking robbed! He wasn’t the best, but in my mind, he wasn’t the guy that should’ve been cut. I’ll keep my mouth shut on who I thought should have been cut though. To each their own, and its Scrub Club’s ball, so I’ll let them play the game as they want.

One of those cool little moments at NP came the last night, after the festival ended when I got a chance to just hang out and shoot the shit with a bunch of different folks (according to some notes I scribbled, the crowd included MC_Loki, Starf, 3rr0r, killsaly, and a couple of other folks). At one point, Loki was passing around a set of headphones and letting people check out a track that he was working on with MC Diabeats. The mix was rough and the vocals were a little off, but I remember digging the track. Well, it seems the track has been finished up and Loki threw it out on the Scrub Club boards. You can find the track here. The idea is a concept EP focusing on Vampire: The Masquerade. The whole thing is supposed to drop at some point in Sept. Given the opening single, I’m more then a little curious about what’s to come.

OK, this post is getting fucking long. I’ll wrap this up then with one last link. Its the most obvious one, but there’s a reason I’m putting it up. Go check out the new RhymeTorrents site. This sub board has all of the articles that were on the main page, which means it has links to all the albums and EPs that the site has announced. The reason that I’m mentioning this is because while I was reading this thread, which I need to fucking study later, I came across a comment from Super Dragon X. He was talking about how he’d wondered away from the boards for awhile and when he came back he was shocked at what he found. His gist was that the difference between the music being put out now, compared to what was put out just two or three years ago, is just fucking nuts. Everyone’s stepped up their game, and the scene is drawing in some new talent that is just flat out amazing. If you picked up one of the first two or three RT comps and went ‘eh’ and wondered off, give this scene another shot. There’s still room to grow and evolve, but where before a handful of good artists drowned in a sea of shit that didn’t even rate as mediocre, the new community is one where quality work is much much easier to find and pick up on.

OK, that’s it. Hopefully I can get back to writing more shit.

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August 29th, 2009 at 12:16 am

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