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When I posted on this site over a year ago, and said that I would start posting about things other then music I followed that post up with three posts about music. Since I am nothing if not predictable, let’s make a post about music.

The first sign that you are starting to get somewhere in writing about music is when people start sending you advanced copies of their albums. Well, tonight I had my advance copy cherry popped by my man Z. Z hooked me up with an early copy of his next compilation, Old Nerdy Bastard. The idea behind ONB is to get a bunch of vocal tracks from various geek artists and have them remixed by a bunch of other geek artists. The comp is a pretty good cross section of some of the key players in Geek Rock, WRock, and Nerdcore (sadly, all the Video Game Inspired Music folks that Z approached had to decline or were unable to get their tracks finished).

I’m not sure how much I am allowed to say at this moment, plus I’d like to give the album a few more spins before writing a full review. I can say right this minute though, that this album is destined for must have territory, and is a shoe in for all kinds of end of year album lists. In fact I will be rating end of the year lists this year by where this album ends up placing on them.

Seriously, Z hit up some very talented cats and they responded by bringing their A games to the table. There are some tracks here that are just jaw dropping good. To be completely honest, I knew we were capable of some amazing crap, but this thing is just silly good.

This is it folks. Break out the calendars and make note. This will be the first sign in the pilgrimage that will unite the geek tribes. It starts here. Keep your eyes peeled over at Hipster, please! for the release. You will tell your children about the day this album dropped.

Written by Matt

May 9th, 2008 at 10:35 pm