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The Pogues

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OK, so I had the bright idea to do a search for the Pogues on You Tube. Now that I’ve lost a well spent hour or so watching wonderful videos, I thought I’d share a couple.

First up, an old version of Sally MacLennane

On a side note, the woman in this vid, playing bass, would later leave the band to get married to the guy that produced one of the band’s albums. Some English guy by the name of Elvis Costello.

Next up we’ve got the classic Pogues song. The one most likely to be heard around Christmas. And despite the fact that it involves lines like ‘you scum bag, you maggot, you cheap lousy fagot’ it really is a lovely tender song. Here you go, Fairytale of New York. With Kristy on vocals no less.

From the same show (which seems to have been loaded in its entirety by a lovely person with the handle, ShastaOrange) we’ve got Fiesta. Now watch this and tell me this doesn’t look like fun.

Finally, I’ve long held that punk rock did not begin in the 70s. We just started calling it punk in the 70s. Before that it was known as Irish Traditional. Here’s the Pogues playing a couple of tunes with the legendary Irish Traditional group The Dubliners.

Irish Rover

Jack’s Heros

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November 13th, 2007 at 10:30 pm

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