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So I was having a decent day today. Nothing amazing. I had a project at work that I was expecting to take hours, that only took about five minutes. Then there’s the saga that is Church’s new found internet celebrity status (more on that later). It was a decent day.

Then Karl went and fucked it all up.

Ultraklystron is taking a break from music.

The short of it is that while his life as a musician/producer is starting to take off, everything else is starting to fall apart. He’s being smart about it and putting music on hold until he gets his personal life sorted out. He’s going to release Rai‘s album and he may release his own album, Open Source Lyricist, if there’s enough interest. And then he’s going to focus on “the basics,” as he puts it.

I can respect his decision. I can even applaud him for it. I think it probably the right move for him to make. It still bums me out though.

Way back in January (god, has it only been months?) I posted an entry here where I basically said that nerdcore is a celebration of the nerd/geek lifestyle. In my eyes, Ultraklystron was the strongest example of this. Nerdcore is still in an embryonic stage where it is searching for a voice to call its own. Its split between borrowing the cultural vocabulary of other movements (namely hip hop) and relying on cliches and gimmicks to express it self. There isn’t anything wrong with this. Rock Around The Clock or Parent’s Just Don’t Understand are not deep songs. And what were the Ramones, if not a 60s pop throw back. This is the way things start. This is the way it is supposed to be this early in the game. That’s cool.

Something like Romance Language though hinted at more. It didn’t quite realize it, but it strongly hinted at a scene that had its own vocabulary. It hinted at a potential for something deeper to come out of the scene.

The reason that I talk Karl up so much here is because, from what I’ve seen, he was one of the guys that was going to come out with something new each and every time. Each new album would be a step forward, advancing things just a little more. May be not raising the bar, but pushing into new areas. In a scene obsessed with video games, he was the guy that released “Well That’s Moe.” An anime centric track that left everyone who wasn’t an otaku scrambling to figure out what the hell he was talking about. That took serious guts. And those guts were what made Karl someone to keep an eye on.

You may not have liked Karl’s dance based beats. You may not have dug his anime and manga centric lyrics. But, you have to admit that the guy didn’t shy away from the inherent risks in experimenting. And for a scene as young as nerdcore to loose someone who was so willing to experiment and take risks, it is a shame. The scene will be poorer for the time that he’s away. Hopefully, that time will be short.

Written by Matt

August 28th, 2007 at 7:56 pm

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