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The full reasons behind the situation are murky, but the facts are clear. The former DC, future Brooklyn based indiepop band The Lil’ Hospital (myspace) are in the finals for the Battle of the Bands contest being put on by

Voting for the contest can be found here. Currently the band is tied for 6th out of a possible 10 bands (a tragedy really). Please, do your civic duty as a fan of good music and go and vote for Little Hospital. Then go out and buy an album or two.

Side note, when you pick up The Lil’ Hospital’s Heavy Metal, and you should, you also need to pick up the The Snow Fairies album Get Married as well. Ignore the horrible rumors that the Snow Fairies have broken up. If they were true, then wouldn’t the band stop playing shows?

Written by Matt

April 11th, 2007 at 8:29 pm

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