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Jenny Jenkins

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So Courtney continues to define my music collection. This one has a little something for the Wrock fans though, kinda.

The artist in question is Jenny Jenkins. The link will take you to her myspace page where you can check out a couple tracks from her. The songs are her with a ukulele. I’ll be honest, they didn’t grab me when I first listened to them, but I just gave them another listen and there is definitely something to the songs that may not be evident on your first listen. I can’t put my finger on what that is though. Hopefully with a few more listens I’ll be able to say more.

So, if it doesn’t grab you, check it out again at a later point and see if the songs grab you then.

And for the Wrock reference? This is what Courtney said on the indiepop list when she first brought up Jenny,

When Harry and the Potters met Calvin Johnson, they asked him “do you know Jenny Jenkins!?!?!?!” (I’m not going to do the 20 minute Calvin version of the story)

So, dude. The Potters are fans, what more does a Wrock fan want?

If you do dig the songs, or are just a kind loving soul, the latest word from Courtney is that Jenny is going out on tour with The Wellbeings and they could use some help putting together some shows on the west coast. Here’s the info,

So here’s the itnerary. (The shows I think are comming together OK have a person, band or venue name by them, so don’t need help with those, except for people to come to the show.)

The “No More Crying” Tour Itinerary:
Oly by the 13th version, + North = 21 days (exactly 3 weeks)

May (Wellbeings only)
Wed Ashland/Eugene/Corvalis
Thurs Sacramento/Merced (Jenny @ the Smell LA)
June (Meet up with Jenny)
1 Fri – LA
2 Sat – LA/San Diego?
3 Sun – LA Day Off?
4 Mon – Santa Barbara – Josh
5 Tues – San Luis Opisbo
6 Wed – Santa Cruz – Whysp
7 Thurs – SF Day Off?
8 Fri – SF/Berkley/Oakland
9 Sat – SF – Jerry Lee
10 Sun – Arcata
11 Mon – Eugene – Shady Pines
12 Tues – Portland
13 Wed – Olympia Day Off
14 Thurs – Anacortes
15 Fri – Bellingham
16 Sat – Vancouver
17 Sun – Vancouver
18 Mon –Seattle – Jordan O Jordan
19 Tues – Olympia Return Car

Tell people they can listen to us:

Love, Jenny

I’m guessing you can just get in touch with her through myspace, since I’m now seeing any other method. If you can help put together a show and don’t have myspace, leave a comment and I’ll see if Courtney can offer up some contact info.

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April 6th, 2007 at 9:59 pm

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