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Sorry for being so quite the last week. Work was a bitch the first couple of days of the week (I really do enjoy my job (database stuff) but if I’m cooking for 8 hours at work, like I was on Monday and Tuesday, then I’m useless when I get home. Just completely fried). And then Wednesday night Courtney came down for visit and the girl is just way to much fun to hang out with.

Random tip: If any of you happen to be heading to Washington, DC for a little visit and happen to stop in at the National Zoo as so many people do, check out the Zoo Bar Cafe. It’s a tiny little hole in the wall across the street from the Zoo’s entrance on Connecticut Ave. The sign says Tavern and there’s a small patio out front. We stopped in there for lunch before heading into the Zoo. Good relatively cheap food (especially compared to the Zoo’s prices). We then stopped in again after walking through the Zoo. We planned to have a drink or two, rest a little bit (after walking for 4 hours around the Zoo) and then walk back to the metro and head home. Ended up having a couple drinks on the patio, then wondering inside for a few more when it got a little chilly. Then a local blues band set up for a loose friendly couple of songs to lead off a little open mic action. We only caught two bands before heading home, but it was definitely a fun time and highly recommended. And for parent’s who may be weary of smoke filled bars, DC has a city wide smoking ban.

Of course, I didn’t forget you, my dear readers, while I was off galavanting around DC and watching baby panda’s eat bamboo and what not.

First off, Courtney dropped a whole crap load of music in my lap in an attempt to educate my sorry ass in the world of pop goodness. Little of it is even remotely new, so I’m not sure how much of it will get a mention here. Hopefully though, it will give me a little more background in what is going on so I can bring you all more goodness.

Second, with spring finally encroaching on the world, and as fears of one last snow/ice storm begin to fade, it is only natural for a person’s mind turn to one solitary thing, pop fests!

These are the fests that I’ve heard about so far, in calendar order.


Word came through on the indiepop list a couple of days ago about a fest that will be going down in the Boston area on April 27th and 28th. Here’s the info that was posted to the list.

Friday, April 27th @ P.A.’s Lounge:
The Icicles, The Smittens, Shumai & Casper and the Cookies.
9 pm 345 somerville ave, somerville, MA. 18+
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Saturday Afternoon, April 28th @ O’Brien’s Pub, Harvard ave. & Cambridge St.
Allston, MA.
Cause Co-Motion! (NY), The Lil Hospital (Philly/Brooklyn/Boston), The
Besties (NY) and more tba..
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Saturday Night @ Great Scott harvard ave at commonwealth ave.
Mittens, My Teenage Stride, The Specific Heats, Hands & Knees, Yoni Gordon.
21+ 9pm $10

Honestly, I’m tempted to hit this show for The Icicles alone, but throw in the rest of the bands and if you’re anywhere near the Boston area, you really should check this fest out. If I see any more info on this, I’ll throw it up.


Courtney brought me a little word on the NYC Pop Fest that she has been helping to put together with, what sounds like, a cool bunch of people. The fest will run over Memorial Day Weekend at a couple of different clubs in NYC. Apparently, posters for the show have been finalized so it looks like the line up will be announced soon. Their myspace page has a couple of the details including dates for specific clubs. Again, more info will be posted here as it becomes available. Needless to say, this is where you will find me over Memorial Day weekend. My first pop fest!

There then seems to be a lull through out June and July.


This was announced by Mike Turner over at Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records back in Feb, but I’m only just now getting around to posting about it. The HHBTM folks have made the decision to go ahead with Athens Pop Fest 2007 (that would be Athens, GA). Mike’s comment on when was just “the second weekend of august.” No word on who will be playing.

Then there’s another little lull for Sept and Oct.


This one is fresh off the presses. William over at Skipping Stones Records just made the announcement today on the indiepop list that he and Christine will in fact be going ahead with New England Pop Fest 2007. The web site only says that it will be in North Hampton, MA again and that it will be November 2007. There are also links to info on past NE Pop Fests, which sound like they were a blast!

So, that’s how things seem to be shaping up now. It is still March though (for another day or two at least), so it is still pretty early. Looks like this should be a fun spring/summer/fall though, between the above pop fests and the top secret tours that The Whomping Willows and The Remus Lupins have been talking about. I’m sure a few more surprises will pop up in the coming weeks or months as well.

What better way to shake off those winter blues, then heading down to a kick ass show!

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March 30th, 2007 at 9:25 pm

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