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Charity Auction

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Matt from The Whomping Willow is running a charity auction for First Book.

The winner of the auction receives the following goodies,

*original drafts of song lyrics for the entire Welcome to the House of Awesome! record, including failed attempts at songs that may never get beyond the brainstorming process
*original drafts of all my brainstorming notes
*a CD featuring demo versions of at least five songs from the new record (these demo versions will disappear forever from my myspace profile once I have the album versions finished)
*exclusive photos from the studio (i.e., my bedroom) that will not be made public
*other stuff I can’t think of right now

You can find out more here.

As I said in the comments of that post (or will, when Matt approves the comment) I’m going to match what ever the winning bid is. So, if the winning bid is $100 (current bid) then I’ll give First Book a donation of $100 on April 15th (my first pay check after I pay my taxes).

So go over to the willow’s myspace page and make me broke.

Written by Matt

March 18th, 2007 at 8:31 pm