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Holy crap!

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So, I don’t care what the reality of the situation is, I’m totally claiming credit for this.

Back at the beginning of March, Lev Grossman made a post at his Time blog asking about a Daft Punk video. I responded to the post with a link to a Wikipedia entry that answered his question.

In his reply to my comment, Lev included this quote,

and people should really ignore this post and go over to this guy’s blog and watch some emo guy singing ‘Goin’ ta Hogsmeade’

You can see the comments at the post to see my reply. (BTW, he’s talking about this post)

I didn’t really think much of this, beyond it was kind of cool to get linked from Time’s website. (I’m a dork like that)

Then today, I saw this post over at

That is right folks not only is old Remus’ birthday but The Remus Lupins were mentioned in the one and only Time Magazine.

And sure enough, you can read the short piece here. Now, look at who wrote that piece.

Yeah, I’m totally claiming credit for this one.

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March 10th, 2007 at 11:31 pm

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