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Wizard Rock – The Music

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So, a couple of links of interest for folks who may want to check this whole Wizard Rock thing out a little more.

First up, the two blogs that I came across first that are collecting information on this whole thing,

  • – Looks to be more of a general, here’s what is happening in the Wizard Rock world kind of thing.
  • WizRocklopedia – The front page of this site is similar in approach to with the day’s news. It also has a focus on cataloging the folks that are involved in the scene. There’s a history of the scene, a listing of bands (also by location), a list of profiles for some of the bands, even a beginners guide to the scene.

Second, we’ve got the Wizard Rock EP of the Month. Basically, you give them $50 and they send you 12 EPs by various Wizard Rock bands over the course of the year. (there’s a list of bands on the site) All money that’s made by the project (after they’ve recouped costs for shipping and the like) is being given to First Book. So, you get a bunch of music and a bunch of kids get books, what isn’t there to like? I emailed the folks behind this little venture and they assured me that there are still plenty of slots available, so go sign up.

Third, the first podcast I’ve come across in my searches is WZRD (since I had to do a little digging to find it, RSS feed is here). I’ve only listened to a little bit of this, but it sounds fun. They even have a regular feature that teaches listeners words in Irish. How can you not love that? (In case anyone has wondered, tSuibhne, from this site’s URL, is the clan name for the Sweeney family. Hence, it is my clan. I’m about 3/4 Irish)

Fourth, and finally, for those who may have missed Church’s comment in a previous post. Church was cool enough to recommend two shows by Wizard Rock groups that are stored at

There are other shows by both bands here and here respectively.

Which actually brings up a neat feature of the scene that touches on something I’ve mentioned before. The majority of the myspace accounts that I’ve come across so far have songs set up so that you can download them as well as listen to them on the site. Which has been a very cool boon for me, the listener.

Expect more in the coming weeks, but that should be enough to chew on for now.

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February 24th, 2007 at 9:26 pm

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