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A little surprise

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OK, we’re going to try a little experiment here. The below link leads to a track that I’ve uploaded to They don’t make the link horribly easy to find unfortunately, but it is under the Google Ads where the flashing arrow is. Let me know what you think of the whole process. Including if you know of any better sources. I’m also looking at, but I thought I’d try these guys first since they offer a little more space.

So, the first track. This one is dedicated to Church Hates Trucker since I’m pretty sure he’s the guy from Baltimore that keeps popping up in my logs*. Let’s see how cool he is by seeing if he gets this reference.

The first song is, “Mary doing Dundalk

For the rest of you, here you go…

Artist: Mary Prankster
Song: Blue Skies Over Dundalk
From the album Blue Skies Over Dundalk, which can now be found as part of Blue Skies Forever, which combines Blue Skies Over Dundalk with the old Mata Hari cassette (which I think I still have somewhere, so go me!)

During the 90s, Mary Prankster was part of the scene revolving around Fowl Records. When she started out Mary was just a girl from Annapolis MD with an acoustic guitar and a filthy mouth. With this album, her first, she moved up to a full blown three/four piece band and went electric.

I’ve saw Mary twice. Once, before this album, so back when it was just her, opening for Baltimore natives the Kelly Bell Band in the ballroom at UMBC, where I went to school. The second time was opening for another Baltimore band, Lake Trout, at the 930 club in DC.

My only memories of the first show was that her set was fun. There’s a playful tongue in cheek silliness to her music that just really works in a setting like that. In fact, I remember when word started leaking out that she was going to be playing with a band after the album came out, there was some trepidation about whether it would work. Then again, this was basically the same period when Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, the band at the center of Fowl Records, signed to Elton John’s Rocket Records. And the local institution of the All Mighty Senators “broke up” for about a month. (I put broke up in quotes because I never did find out if the news item on their web site announcing the break up was legit, or just sour grapes when their old bassist left the group) So there were a lot of questions about the future of the central MD music scene at the time.

The second time I saw Mary was with the band. They did a 30 minute set and I remember thinking about a quote I’d seen somewhere about early Ramones shows. The quote was something about them doing 30 minute sets and how it was perfect. How you didn’t want another minute of music, because you were completely satisfied with what you had just gotten. That’s the way I felt after that Mary set. Yeah, she could have played a couple more tracks and I probably would have dug them as well, but she didn’t need to. Thirty minutes satiated my appetite.

Unfortunately, that was the last time I saw Mary. She hung up the Mary Prankster alter ego years ago and supposedly moved to NYC.

I was listening to this album this morning on my drive into work. Its been years since it came out, and I still pull it out now and then and listen to it. One of the few records from that time period where that is true. The album isn’t revolutionary, in music or lyrics. It is fun though, a lot of fun. Which is why I picked this track. I’ve found that this track is incredibly fun to sing a long to with a fake opera style voice. Give it a shot.

BTW, Dundalk is a town right outside Baltimore, MD. There are a bunch of Baltimore references in the song, Cal Ripken‘s streak, which was still going at the time, The Ravens, the Baltimore accent, and Natty Boh. Hopefully they’ll work for those of you who don’t naturally stress the second ‘Oh’ in the Star Spangled Banner. (honestly, I think I was about 10 before I found out that wasn’t just the way the song was supposed to be sung. Its a tradition at Orioles’ (the “O’s”) games, and I just thought everyone sung it that way)

Hope you enjoy

* if I’m wrong, then this track is dedicated to Church (cause I’m not going to take that away from him) and who ever the person in Baltimore is who reads this site. Oh, and my brother, for being smart enough to stay away from DC after he graduated from Towson. (family of five, and I’m the only one who hasn’t escaped DC’s pull yet)

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February 9th, 2007 at 9:19 pm

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