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I give up

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So last night I came up with this fun idea. Since I was bitching about the fact that doesn’t have an RSS feed, I decided to roll my own.

So, I did a little digging on the web and found a script to work with here.

I then banged around in perl for all kinds of hours (BTW, I don’t really know perl, but that’s never stopped me before) and finally got something up and running. Only to have the XML not validate when I tried to feed it into feedburner.

I’ve toyed with it for a little while, but I’m just giving up at this point. Especially since it looks like will have an RSS feed in the near future.

If there’s someone out there who understands the RSS specs and wants to poke around, you can find the file here.

To make all of this even more fun, Monday is a federal holiday and I work as a government contractor. I had made plans with my client to do some work in our BI tool to make up the 8 hours of work that I was going to miss on Monday. I had planned to work a couple of hours each day this weekend to get up to my full 8, since the work was kind of monotonous and not something I’d want to do for a full 8 hour stretch. Now though, I’ve spent the weekend hacking around on this project and doing other things. So, I am going to have to just suck it up and do a full 8 tomorrow.


I think I’m going to go do something else for right now. I’m burned out.

On the plus side, I learned some new tricks in perl, so that’s cool.

Written by Matt

January 14th, 2007 at 7:11 pm

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