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Thoughts on Nerdcore Rising Part II – The Why

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After giving it a little thought, it occurs to me that I should probably explain why I care so much about the potential message of the Nerdcore RIsing documentary, especially since I’m so new to the scene.

The first thing to realize is that I’m a huge unrepentant geek. I have not always been this way. Like many geeks I desperately wanted to fit in when I was younger. At some point in my youth I began to subconsciously suppress my geeky tendencies in an attempt to better fit into society. About six years ago I realized this, and have spent the last several years attempting to deprogram myself. Possibly in reaction to my own self suppression, my geek pride has become almost militant. Hit me in the right mood and I will rant and rave about the supremacy of geeks and how they can save the world.

Now, before someone takes the above statement as elitism, let me define what I mean by the term ‘geek.’ I chose the word geek as my self defined categorization for a reason. I see a geek as someone who is passionate about something. Who, under the right circumstances, can become fixated on this thing and be consumed by that fixation. Yes, there are comic book geeks and computer geeks and music geeks and anime geeks and all the rest. I also believe though, that there are sports geeks, fashion geeks, business geeks, marketing geeks, investment geeks, and on and on. Anything you can think of is possible fodder for the geek mind.

As an aside, I see nerd as a type of geek.

I’ll spare your eyes the task of reading my full rant on the subject. Instead I’ll say that my feelings on the geek potential are strong. That I feel it is something that we should be proud of and celebrate whenever possible. I see Nerdcore as part of that celebration. In a movement that is largely built around escapism, Nerdcore is a medium where not only can we be ourselves, but we can celebrate everything that we are.

I see that as important.

We are a group that has been historically maligned by the greater society. Even today, as our culture and ideas are influencing the mainstream and changing it into our image, we are still maligned. Nerdcore though is ours and they can’t take it away from us. Divorce Nerdcore from its celebration of all things geek, and it stops being Nerdcore.

This is our party. And if they want to take part, they will have to do so in our world. There is no other option. They can not take this away from us.

OK, I’m going to stop here. Sorry, I get a bit starry eyed when I go off on this tangent. I’ve also typed twice the number of words that you see here as I’ve slipped off into rants. In hopes of keeping this under the size of a novel, I’ve avoided the subtleties and exposition involved. So keep that in mind when responding.

Written by Matt

January 8th, 2007 at 9:24 pm

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