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Ultraklystron – Sample tracks from Opensource Lyricist

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Artist: Ultraklystron
Album: Sample tracks from Opensource Lyricist
Genre: Nerdcore

OK, so let’s start off with Nerdcore then.

If you aren’t familiar with the Nerdcore genre, you can think of it as a sub genre of hip hop, with the major difference being that its geeks and nerds behind it all.

Years ago I watched a documentary on hip hop. At one point someone (possibly DMC from Run-DMC?) was talking about the Beastie Boys and how three white guys where able to pull this stuff off, when someone like Vanilla Ice got a ration of shit for it. What the person said that was the Beastie Boys weren’t trying to be anything they weren’t. They weren’t hitting the stage and pretending that they lived the same lives as other rappers. They hit the stage and rapped about what was going on in their lives and things they were going through. And because of this authenticity in what they were saying, they got a pass.

A lot of the same things are at work here in Nerdcore. Yeah, you’ll see references to traditional hip hop culture in the rhymes, but they aren’t meant to be taken literally. Instead their the typical post modern pop culture references that litter this sub culture.

Instead you get things like Ultraklystron (aka Karl R Olsen)

This is my master plan / rap about M E -tan /
Then reference-reran / Sana Kurata and/
Akito and Sumiyoshi / Pickled Plum like Umeboshi/
Rap for Blondes like Mihoshi / Get dirty like Master Roshi

I’m the boss number 1 / I’m your Menos Grande
In Konaha they would call me / The 1st Hokage
You wonder why I can make / these boasts so blaize
Cause I’m secure in my style / like my name is Sean Hayes

See I’m the rare MC / who puts people in their place
With references / to actors from the show Will and Grace
Don’t need Harvey Birdman / to make my case
The evidence is illuminated / in my drum n’ bass

Junglist Gamer Otaku / and the list goes on
Of the culture that I talk through / and to which I hold on
if my adeptness does shock you then / don’t roll on
Don’t worry I won’t stalk you / I’m no Lupin

So exactly how many references to you get above?

Needless to say, Ultraklystron’s domain is otaku culture.

These tracks are seven songs from his second full length (which now will come out sometime after he releases an “EP” of things that didn’t make the space requirements for the album). And represent one of my most anticipated albums of ’07.

Musically, Karl (sorry, the MC name’s to hard to spell) delivers his raps over a primarily drum and bass backing which provides the songs with a solid foundation to get people moving. In a song like Coin Figure, the beats enhance the song by providing a level of creepiness to a story of an unloved piece of merchandise.

While Coin Figure provides a POV song that I doubt has ever been tried before, it isn’t the only song of the bunch that is pushing into new subject areas lyrically.

So Long Kids is a protest song centered at the treatment of anime titles at the hands of 4Kids Entertainment.

Buckle Up laments the downward spiral of the Cartoon Network.

Scenester Blues is a call for more unity with in the Nerdcore scene.

While at first glance the subject matter may come off as some what trite, it is anything but, when you hear the songs for themselves. It is obvious from listening to these songs that these are subjects that he has a certain amount of investment in and that mean something to him. It is this investment and Karl’s lyrical skills, which allow the songs to shine.

Judging by these sample tracks, Opensource Lyricist looks to be a huge step up from Karl’s first album, Revision4920. While Revision was a solid debut album in many respects, it also lagged behind in some areas as well. Karl’s flow still needed work in some areas and his flow didn’t always seem to really gel with the beats. With the new album, he appears to have made huge strides in both of these areas. There is still some minor room for improvement here and there, but over all these songs seem to hint at an artist who is really starting to come into his own.

As things stand now, Ultraklystron is definitely one of the artists I plan on using to introduce people to the Nerdcore scene and I’m expecting some pretty big things from him in the next couple of years if he sticks with it.

Written by Matt

December 27th, 2006 at 9:59 pm

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