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Pardons – Charlie’s Pardons

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Take the ferocious line-up behind Acid Mothers Temple’s Live In Japan album. Strip away the drums, bass, and guitarist Kawabata Makoto and what are you left with? The Pardons. You are also left with something that is about as far as from Acid Mothers Temple as you can get, and yet still be exploring a vein of the collective’s sound.

Made up of Pardon Uno (Higashi Hiroshi) on synth and guitar, and Pardon Dos (Cotton Casino) on voice and synth. The Pardons are a gentle floating sound scape of spacey synth and delicate guitar fragments. Described by the AMT as “the synth-playing frontline dance brigade of AMT.” The Pardons are anything but a dance band. This music is closer to ambient, then dance.

With the exception of the fifth track, Par Une Nuit Sans Lune, all of the songs clock in at around the 5 minute mark. With the sole exception clocking in at over 20 minutes, it also features the only segment that is not dreamy in nature. An extended (a minute or two) section of guitar feed back, followed by the hum of the guitar for several minutes. Minus this sole exception, the rest of the album is built around those gentle synth sounds played at a slow laid back pace. A few songs feature a reoccurring fragment, played on the guitar. And some of the songs also feature what is either more synth sounds, or a quiet, gentle voice. It’s hard to tell given the over all feel and approach of the album.

While Live In Japan grabs you and shakes you to prepare you for a new psychedelic sound, Charlie’s Pardons lulls you into a soft warm place where the listener might find themselves slipping in and out of gentle dreams. This is not to say the music is boring, just very laid back and calm. There is still the psychedelic atmosphere that permeates AMT. Instead here it is approached as a lazy Sunday afternoon trip. Instead of the frantic speed laced trip of AMT.

Highly recommended for rainy afternoons when doing anything just seems like to much work.

Written by Matt

September 16th, 2003 at 2:29 pm

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