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Acid Mother Temple – Live In Japan

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How do I describe what I have just experienced? Experienced is the word I want. Heard is to limiting a word. It implies an auditory experience. What I just experienced came in through the ears, but the effect was beyond just simple auditory enjoyment.

Did I really enjoy that? I guess I did. I mean I want to do it again. May be even tonight. May be with headphones and a dark room. Give myself over completely to the sounds. I’m a masochist.

In this day and age, especially in the west, “psychedelic” has been taken over by meandering music, that occasionally has weird little funny sounds flittering around it. The music is usually built around either solos, floating over top pointless vamping and riffing; or a minimalist approach that introduces a simple idea and then beats it into the ground until it is dead and lifeless. Good “psychedelic” bands can do something inventive with one of these two ideas. Great “psychedelic” bands, make it sound fresh and new. By the equation is the same.

Then there is the temple. What beasts are kept at that commune? What magic is afoot on that soil that they can tap into and tame there monsters? How can they do this to a human mind with just music? It is just music isn’t it? Two guitars, a bass, two drummers, three keyboards, these are just instruments, are they not? The six people who’s name are on the poster, they are only human beings, correct? Then how is it that they can create this experience? How is it that they play with this magic?

The CD starts as is common for bands of this genre. A keyboard plays an electric drone of a sound while what sounds like a gong, or a heavy cymbal, is hit every 8-9 beats. It sets itself up as a minimalist approach to psychedelic. It is one of those bands. I like those bands. I listen closer to what is happening. Waiting for the predominant structure to take place, so that I can listen to the band deconstruct it. I’m used to this. This is not what happened.

About 3 minutes in, the guitar comes in. It is not playing a simple structure. It is not occupying space with the previous sounds. It is beating the living shit out of them. It jabs at first, it smacks the preconceived notions of psychedelic music around. It then takes a short break. Catches it’s breath, composes it’s thoughts. And then precedes to all out wail on those notions. It pounds them into the ground with such fierce determination that the witness is left scared, but excited. Something new is happening here. Something different. The witness, for we are not mere listeners. That would imply that we are simply listening to this act of revolution. The witness will be shown something that the witness has never experienced before. We are being born anew this night.

The first act ends. An untitled act. It was not something planned or rehearsed. It was now. It was what had to be done to allow the witness to understand what is about to happen. It was necessary.

The second act begins. In E. The guitar is back, it is the leader of this gang. It gives form to the chaos. The sounds are back as well, but now they have assumed their place. They dance around the chaos. They give light to the darkness. They watch as a man, for he is only human, plays the fuck out of a guitar. Chords Chords Chords a little switch, and then Chords Chords Chords.

Our minds are being washed clean of the filth that we have been taught. We are being prepared for the coming of the one. And when we are finally clean, he comes.

The Speed Guru.

Little should be said of this act. It is best to experience, not to talk. Know though that it does not end. There are moments of calm. Where if one listens they can hear Japanese song from days gone by. But the calm does not last. The Guru is only considering his words before continuing with the lesson. And when the Guru is finished. You are a new person. You are born a new. You are prepared to take on the day anew.

This act of cleansing violence, this psychic rape, took place in a club. It can be implied that people were there. People who experienced this ritual first hand. People that saw the act take place, who can testify that it was committed by mere humans. These people are to be pitied and envied.

Welcome, to the Acid Mother Temple.

Written by Matt

September 15th, 2003 at 3:51 pm

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